Международная сертификация медицинских учреждений Temos, Темос в России

September, 13, 2016

TEMOS Moscow 

The forum is for founders and owners of medical institutions, representatives of the administration of hospitals, clinics, medical centers and health centers, managers of commercial, contractual and international departments, insurance companies, banks, investors, philanthropists.

First International Medical Tourism Forum in Russia.

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We cover:

  • International medical tourism market: analysis and trends.

  • Why does the Russian Federation, even after modernization of the healthcare program, remains a patient donor - country to foreign medical centers?

  • What should the quality of medical services in the field of International Medical  Tourism? What are the expectations of foreign patients in this area?

  • Temos – is a standard, which is trusted worldwide. What is Temos International, why is Temos International well known all over the world and how does Temos helps hospitals to improve quality of care?

  • “Before you go somewhere you need to understand where you are now!” What can Russian clinics offer, to whom, and how shoud it be done properly?

  • How to prepare a hospital to accept international patients?

  • How to attract international medical tourists to the Russian medical  market?

  • The main task of the Russian Medical Tourism Association (RHTC) - to restore the reputation of the Russian medicine and to raise the prestige of Russian clinics in the International Medical Tourism market.



Claudia Mika - General Director of the Center for International certification of quality of medical services to international patients TEMOS International (Germany), Certified Auditor ISO 9001 GHTC member of the advisory board, member of the Medical Advisory Board and the International Committee of Experts (international experts QM), Germany

Arnis Krasovskic - General Director Medrefund LTD, sociologist, member of the Committee for the medical tourism clusters in the Baltic countries, co-author of the EU Directive on the implementation of patients' rights in cross-border health, a member of MTE Board, UK

Medvedev Oksana - MBA, President of Russian Medical Tourism Association RHTC, Vice-President of the World Medical Tourism Association (Global Healthcare Travel Council), member of MTE Board , Russia

Rupert Gerzer - Professor, Doctor of Medicine,

Provost Skoltech Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia (www.skoltech.ru), previous Director, DLR-Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Cologne, Germany, Co-Founder of TEMOS

Sam Awad - Managing director
GMTP Greek Medical Tourism Pioneers


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Sheraton Palace Hotel is situated at the main Moscow avenue called 1st Tverskaya -Yamskaya Street, 3 km away from the Red Square and Kremlin, in  300 m walk from Belorusskaya Metro Station wherefrom you can easily reach Sheremetyevo Airport by 40 min Aeroexpress train ride.

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